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Dec 2, 2012 1:30am PST
and welcome to update news. i'm tayler huffman. thanks for joining us. >> for the first time ever the spar spartons are now 25 of the bcgs ranks. now love on campus with the story. >> reporter: it's been one heck of a season for the spartons. they've had records broken and history rewin and now they can enjoy the first every top ranking for the next few weeks. as they head into the first bowl game since 2006. >>> they have made the seemingly impossible become a reality. rising from the issues a few years back to they're first ten win season in 25 years. to go a bowl game and be a top 25 program in the nation. so how did the hard luck spartons compose one of the biggest turn around in they did it with an unknown quarter back. david bails. he fought for his job in the spring and went onto a 4000- yard passer. they did it with know well grgsby, a area jr. captain. a rare junior captain. blind winning their first game ever in the eastern time zone. plus, who can forget a perfect kicker? from the nail biting loss in the season openers against stanf
Dec 9, 2012 1:30am PST
. >>> welcome to update news. >> thank you for joining us. >> san jose state police are investigating the theft of cellphones and cash from the men's basketball team. it all happened on tuesday in the team's locker room at the event center. nearly $1,000 in cash was taken from 9 different ball players while at practice. police say leaving items unattended is the main reason students lose their property on campus. >> it's probably our no. 1 crime problem on university property. someone sets down their backpack or laptop or some other piece of reasonably valuable property, and they walk away to get a cup of coffee or pick up some lunch and when they come back it's gone. >> he advises everyone to lock up their property when they're not present. the locker room was unlocked at the time of the theft. >>> in another area of local crime, the city of san jose now has its highest homicide rate in 25 years. no. 43 occurred one week ago. here on campus university the police department believe students have nothing to worry about. >> most of the incidents that the city is dealing with have to do
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2